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New Game coming

2008-12-18 23:33:44 by SAGGAMES

well, it seems that I have found an animator, one that won't drop out on me (waanimation, this means you) and an Idea. Can't wait to release it, but it will proboly take me half a year or so to release it, sop don't expect anything soon! expect something awsum instead!

my latest submission...

2008-09-08 03:35:00 by SAGGAMES

It seems that I didn't make it clear enough that "how to make a bad tut" was an ironic play upon terrible tutorials. I will re-release it with better jokes, and a better explanation of how to fully enjoy it.

My next submission

2008-09-06 07:49:38 by SAGGAMES

So it seems it is that time again, when I finally see something that angers me so much I release a flash criticizing it and anyone who does that particular thing. Death to all bad tutorial makers! On a more serious note, I have finally decided to create a sequel to reverse space shooter, this time with enemies and bosses and a larger playing field that moves.

First game

2008-08-12 18:07:42 by SAGGAMES

So, my first game published, and a pretty average review. ahh well, I did the biggest part in a day, so it was pretty good by those standards.