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First game

2008-08-12 18:07:42 by SAGGAMES

So, my first game published, and a pretty average review. ahh well, I did the biggest part in a day, so it was pretty good by those standards.


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2008-08-12 18:16:15

Well, kudos to you.
I'll be sure to check it out later (I'm too tired at the moment!)

Plus, you are now an artist, and your news entries go in the artist's column! Woo!


2008-09-04 02:12:23

Review of "Basic Pong Tut"

: Too many noobs are trying to make tutorials before they fix and optimize the script. The font is annoying and hard to read. The actionscript isn't explained at all and the game has bugs up the ass. Newgrounds should ban these horrible pieces of wasted time, because they A. don't teach anyone anything (their are better tuts on the internet) B. they need no time to make and C. its obvious they just want to increase their batting average the easy way

Can I just commend you for being one of the smartest people on Newgrounds.
All of the things you said in this review is true and its a major problem.

Thank you for being one of the few still on Newgrounds that isn't a total retard...

SAGGAMES responds:

Thank you, I do what I can