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There She Is!! final step There She Is!! final step

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Awsum, as always

Reading back through the last 17 pages of the reviews, I could only see 4 reveiws that weren't 10's, and with good reason. This was, I think, one of the most awaited flash movie on newgrounds, and it didn't disapoint. I loved it when Nabi did everything that Doki dreamed of in step one, if a little less romantically. Their were a few little details you could easily miss while watching this, such as the pure blood rabbit follower, who after being knocked into the arms of one of the followers of nabi and doki, who was a cat, fell in love with her. I have two complaints however (but they are tiny ones).the first is, that I don't think Doki should of taken Nabi back, because Nabi was such an ass in step 4. The second is, I really think that the ending was a bit cliché, I mean seriously, running to an airport? I really thought their would be a slightly less obvious ending, but of course, the way the ending was executed, it still made for a 10/10 review. As usual with SamBakZa, he picked great music that went with the story and animation. I also noticed the bluring of things in the background, that would of given you a few headaches before decideing on the "export into paint, shrink it, save it, expand it, import back into flash" method. I also enjoyed the first part, where we see Nabi's legs, and he slowly moves from a walk to a run, that would of taken time. I was however, slightly dissapointed to see none of those "high action" scenes that you do so well, like in step 2, dodging the rabbit gang and in step 3 with all the animals. Now, I know the majority of this review has been complaints, but thats because if I put in everything that I immensly enjoyed, I wouldn't have enough space for it all! everything I did not mention I loved. Overall I loved it, just like all the others in this series. (Just as a little side thing, has anyone noticed that Doki has superpowers?) I can just tell that hundreds of people are going to vote 5 on every episode of there she is!! to get their 10 experiance for the day. I know I am!

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There she is!!! There she is!!!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great falsh series

The attention to frame rate in these are amazing, every time I watch one of these films I find another tiny detail that adds to the experience (the old guy with the stick from the 4th one makes his first appearance in this movie! PM me if you find him) The animation is ridiculously smooth, and the "lack" of details in the animation is all carefully orchestrated to create the moods and feelings of the story. The story itself is great, having all that is needed to rivet an audience to their screen (and now I'm starting to sound like an infomercial, so I'll end it now) I only wish I could edit reviews, cus I keep wanting to share awsome things about these movies

There She Is!! step4 There She Is!! step4

Rated 5 / 5 stars

The best

I wish I never watched this series... because now I can't wait for the next one! These are some of the best stories on newgrounds, in my opinion. This one is well deserving of its number one spot for so long, due to its amazing story and fluid graphics. And about the "color" of this one compared to the other ones, it wasn't too different, all of them have the "love trying to rid its self of the shackles of society" theme, in this one its just much more pronounced.

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2D Physics Tutorial 2D Physics Tutorial

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great, and about the maths...

To those who marked down this tutorial because of all the "hard" maths in it, I say that ALL of physics is maths, and flash physics is no different. I am suprised that people are marking him DOWN for including a detailed description of how he got the scripting he did, it was very good, would of taken a lot of time, and I couldn't spot any flaws in his logic. This was a great tutorial, and the only ones who can't gain from reading it would be the gods of action scripting and foolish noobs who cut and paste code from tutorials.

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W & B : Deadly Strategies W & B : Deadly Strategies

Rated 1 / 5 stars


The first thing I thought when I saw this game was "oh shit, someone thought of this idea before me"My next thought when I saw the reviews was'hmm,maby its not the best?and my final thought when I played the game was"hmm, its just another mastabatory scripting/animating "game"" this game was NOT designed for the players enjoyment.It was designed for the enjoyment of the people who made it,purely a blatant example of what far too many games become. For ont thing, it seemed that the designers took a lunchbreak that spanned the entire time of production,as most of the things that should be apparent that they needed fixing,were not.An example of this lack of editing was where,as everyone has said before,there is no direct control over your own troops throughout the battles.This in itself would not of been a MASSIVE problem had their been a VERY powerful(and easy to use and learn)controling AI system. Unfortunatly there was not.instead we had those tiny bars,which,after fiddiling with them for an hour,made a tiny impact on how the units behaved.My units then decided to attack the base one by one, each attacking a different target,and thus getting slaughtered and my 10000 or so dollars used to create them was lost.Another issue was,and I am using a very powerful machine,,as someone who has had to fight lag tooth and nail in several(as yet unreleased)games,I can give you a few tips.I am guessing,that when the screen was NOT over units,they remained the same,not as,what I would of done,turned into blue squares, and then,once the screen came back on them,turn back into their sprity forms.This technique can save a HUGE amount of processing power,and can stop lag in its tracks.Another inovation that could of been untilised in the real war against lag,was the introduction of a tile system.have the entire map consist of squares tipped on their sides,and have only one unit able to move on the same tile at a time.Now,when someone says"tile-based"everyone instantly starts gagging, but listen to this:some of the latest games(fallout 3, empire earth 3, dawn of war, a few others)make use of a tile based map system,and its done so subtly that you can hardly tell that they are tile based.I realise that much of the lag comes from having to move movieclips and such around.that could also be helped with a tile based system.And yes,I do know that many of the lagging problems are solved when you download it and open it as a .exe file, but who the fuck is going to do that?Now,to keep this short I will say I agree with all the issues that have been raised with AI,with this one could of at least had a "all attack now"button,that would of made things turn from one tactic to two, steamroll and atrition,rather than just atrition. Now,finaly,the plot.the plot just wanks on and on and story mode I just couldn't face it anymore.I just had to close it would of been acceptable if I had actully given*expletive warning*a flying fuck about whatever the fuck I was supposed to fuck up/fix up.Also,HUD was a BPIA(big pain in the ass),menus were about the wankyest I have seen(except of course, windows vista)and finaly,there was no unit stacking.I really do hate it when you have to constantly go back to your barracks and click on the unit you want to create... again and a-fucking-gain. Its almost as if you took the user control from the units, and put it into creating them. It merly made it so, instead of micro managing units, it was micro managing unit creation. My final word on this game is: needed more time in production. Nah, im just kidding, what I would of given to see the creators face when they read that! it needs some more unit-interface controls, a tighter AI system, and perhaps voice acting for the mission brefings, to make it more intriging, rather than reading text that I neither cared for, nor wanted to care for. oh, and MUCH faster gameplay, I don't want to spend hours clicking, waiting 7.6 seconds, clicking, waiting 7.6 seconds, clicking, waiting 7.6 seconds, clicking, waiting 7.6 seconds,....

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Amorphous Blorb Amorphous Blorb

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


you have to give this kudos for the amazing amount of lines of coding this would use. I can't even begin to think of how to do this, and I hope we see this mechanic in later times.

Glaiel-Gamer responds:

it's about 100 lines of code